A decentralized trading platform founded with the ambition to create a transparent, secure and trustworthy space for investors.

DIKE provides an exceedingly basic model for market volatility prediction, even for new investors.

The entire prediction amount of the wrong prediction group will be awarded to the correct prediction group (subtracted by 1.5% prediction fee).

Investors will be able to collect winnings at any time in the future.

The issuer will take 2-3% of the reward value for operations, system maintenance, events, etc.

2-3% of the reward value will be retained to pay dividends to investors who hold DIKE tokens.

What is Crypto?

Problems & Solutions

At DIKE, users will transact through blockchain technology with smart contracts instead of a central server.
Therefore, concern about transparency, and security will no longer be an issue.


Trading volume and price could be manipulated as a result of lacking transparency & exclusivity on centralized trading platforms.

Investors are required to entrust their money, while their fund is difficult to withdraw, close and always being at risk of dispossession.



With the smart contract usage model, the data on DIKE reflects the actual trading volume, there is no chance of counterfeiting and price manipulation.

Entrusting money is not required, the cryptocurrency used for the transaction will be integrated with the investors' wallets. DIKE does not hold nor interfere with investors' wallets.



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Milestones for investors and developers to understand our progress.

May 2021
Dike Finance
Platform idea
June 2021
Technical & strategy
August 2021
Dike Platform 1.0 Live Now
September 2021
DIKE Token plan
Q1 / 2022
Dike Platform 2.0
Q2 / 2022
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android

Our Token

DIKE Token is an essential part of DIKE Decentralized Trading Platform


Benefits for DIKE token holder:

  • Reduce fees when trading with DIKE token pair.

  • We intend to pay dividends twice each year (on June 30 and December 31).

A variety of features will be developed and create additional value for token holders.

Symbol: DIKE

Initial Value: 1 DIKE = 0.2 BUSD

Type: BEP20



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